Vasan Institute of Ophthalmology and Research provides a very conducive environment for the students to learn the subjects and experience the practical aspects of the education.   All our classrooms are fitted with Air conditioning and multimedia facility.   We have curriculum based bibliography and well stocked library, optometry and computer lab with Internet.


The Institute has a large collection of reference books, well known national and international journals, general books and magazines to update the knowledge of the students.


The institute is equipped with state of the art instruments in optics lab, refraction and clinical practice lab for hands-on learning

Computer Lab

The Institute has a highly furnished computer lab which caters to the practical training in computer application to the students.

Other Highlights

  • Intelligent education tools and international methodology
  • Experienced and qualified lecturers
  • E-learning environment
  • Rich clinical content and 60% practical exposure
  • Highly disciplined and ethical learning environment
  • Dedicated student welfare team
  • Smart teaching approaches

Value Addition

  • Guest lectures by service industry experts

  • Guidance on internship

  • Grooming and personality development classes

  • Educational tours

  • Industrial visits

Research at Vasan Institute

Our well-qualified faculty with years of experience in research and the enormous clinical resources available provide the ideal environment for research. Our students have done studies on various topics including contact lens, occupational optometry, accommodation, vergence, digital eye strain, community optometry, clinical optometry etc. These studies are well received and have been presented in national and international conferences. Our students have won awards including best paper in national conferences and India Vision Institute® young optometry researcher rolling trophy.