Message from Founder Trustee

Dear Parent

Vasan Healthcare Group, today, is the largest eye care provider in the world. The spectacular growth of Vasan Healthcare is attributable in great measure to the positive role played by our team and our customers – YOU. It is your faith and trust in us with patience and equanimity in the last 50 years that lead to the successful establishment of Vasan Institute for Ophthalmology and Research.

We believe that education and career success in this 21st century are all about one being a life long learner, with a strong sense of the community and a quest to bring out the inner potential. Our vision aligned itself with the aspiration of our senior team members and the trustees to pay back to society as a mark of gratitude. Hence we, here, bring out the efficient professionals in the field of eye care and management through inclusive education.

Welcome to Vasan Institute of Ophthalmology and Research and an exciting new school year.

Thank you,

Dr. A.M. Arun
Founder Trustee – Vasan Foundation

Optometry Graduates
Optometry Students
Research Projects


  • Internship – Assured internship with leading eye care hospitals

  • Practice oriented teaching – Rich clinical content and 60% practical exposures

  • Experienced Faculty – Dynamic team of leaders and experienced doctors as faculty

  • Teaching Methodology – State-of-the-art education tools and international teaching methodology
  • Integrated learning – In grooming, personal development and other soft skills


To create a brigade of efficient primary eye care professionals and management professionals to cater to the needs of health care and hospitality industry

  • To create a socially responsible educational environment and imbibe good value system and distinct cultural values to the entire student community
  • To engage the best pedagogy in the region to impart up-to-date knowledge of the subject
  • To create the best infrastructure for delivering state-of-the-art educational systems for expeditious learning
  • To associate with the leading institutes, universities, and health care professionals to have the best learning process for the entire pedigree
  • To constantly learn, innovate and upgrade to the escalating expectations on clinical and surgical front in ophthalmology and disseminate to the aspiring ophthalmologists
  • To maintain the sanctity of education, not steering with commercial objectives
  • To mould the students to be responsible service providers to the community
  • To create a model for professional educational systems engaging and inspiring from reputed universities across the globe
  • To instil confidence and inculcate leadership, along the seams of education to stand out in the society

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Vasan Institute of Ophthalmology and Research

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